Augmented Reality has shown a few years ago, but it goes viral because of Pokémon Go. Filters on Instagram or Snapchat became as popular as this AR game. These made Augmented Reality famous in the mobile users' world.

Nowadays, we associate this technology mainly with games, but every year means a huge change and a significant amount of companies are developing it.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to some benefits which should make you interesting in using this technology in your company.

What is AR?

AR allows for including 3D objects, graphics or animations into our real world. We need only AR glasses or (mostly) mobile app. As a result, we get reality enriched in additional information about surrounding us places and things. It is an opportunity to show a product innovatively or we can check how it looks in our apartment.

The potential of AR has already been appreciated by companies like for example Zara. In 2018 they introduced application due to you could see 7-12 seconds clips with professional models showing the newest collection. You only had to direct your phone in a shop window or the boxes in the stores.

Differences between AR and VR

At first sight, these technologies seem very similar. But VR creates a new reality and AR is a complement to the physical world.

The biggest advantage of Augmented Reality is the possibility of using this technology without any custom made device like ar glasses. It is necessary if you want to try VR. In times of mobile users, AR is a great opportunity to design fresh space for a customer. Nowadays, experience marketing is crucial - the customer is continuingly looking for a new impression.

What are the uses of AR?

AR is constantly developing so benefits from using this technology seem limitless. In e-commerce, it might solve a problem like trying on a product without leaving the house. It shortens the distance between the consumer and the brand and speeds up the decision making.

Augmented Reality is helpful also for students and pupils. Now looking through the human or animal body without any cut is possible. In the workplace, it could be a support in placing a diagram of the installation or in the deconstruction of the appliance on the tablet screen.

Is it worth it?

The versatility of AR lets for including it in almost every branch. More information for clients, the promotion of products, a new level of entertainment, make tasks easier for the employees - you can achieve it with Augmented Reality.

In Smart Mobile House we have already know the power of this technology and that is why we have been creating AR applications that allow making our clients visible on the market.

This modern solution is definitely worth your time and interest.