Building the website might be harder than it seems. We have started ask ourselves: how it should look like, what it should contain and finally what makes our page attractive for the audience.

We have a wide range of options: we could build the website from the ground up, with CMS system or with hosting providers. Every solution has some pros and cons, so you have to decide which of them fits the best for you.

Sometimes such a wide variety of possibilities could be overwhelming. So that is why we wrote this article. We hope that it will occur helpful to you.

During reading this text you will learn how to create a powerful and efficient website.

1. Set a target

At the beginning it is crucial to decide what should be the purpose of your website. What benefits it might bring for the audience? After answering these questions you will know what must be included on the website.

Do you want to start a blog? Or maybe run a company website? So if you want to start your blogger carrier your aim is to achieve the highest number of views as possible. The business website's target is to obtain a new business partner.

Remember about the importance of SEO - it is simply the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through search engine organic results. SEO simplifies tracking the progress towards reaching your goals. SEO consists of off and on-page actions. the first ones are connecting with, for example, backlinking, the other ones are simply what your site is about.

2. Content - what to write about?

That is everything what the website is consisted of. The articles, posts or photos have to be interesting, novel and attractive for a user. SEO-friendly content creates a need in the user’s mind to share what they read or saw with their friends or co-workers. Proper using of keywords, grabbing attention headlines, simplified URL addresses - these are examples of how to improve the positioning of your website.

To make our content effective we should remember who is our target group and adjust it to them. Well-prepared, interesting and up-to-date texts are equally significant important aspects of good SEO-friendly content.

3. Customer journey

Customer journey allows analyzing website traffic more effectively. Clear page break, CTA in a visible place, possibility to ask a question - for example through a chat or a form. These steps make the customer journey so much easier.

Google Analytics is a tool that might occur helpfully. It shows how long and what your customers were reading, how long they stayed on the website and when they left it. Analysis of the data is support in creating a place that will meet the needs of users.

4. Think about the UX

The UX is the essential phrase connecting with website building and mobile apps. The goal of the UX design is to evoke positive feelings and in the end, increasing the volume of sales and gaining new clients. The UX is the response for questions like: how to get people to share my website or how to encourage the user to sign up for the newsletter. The whole process is based on creating positive associations and as a result, keep visitors coming back to your website.

5. Mobile users

Nowadays more and more people using smartphones and tablets instead of PCs or laptops. That is why you have to remember about the importance of responsive web design (RWD). If your website does not work properly on portable devices, you can be sure that you will not catch someone’s interest.

In Smart Mobile House we know that being on trend is crucial and we are professionals creating modern websites and webpages. We pay attention to every detail, so we are able to build an eye-catching, outstanding web for you. RWD webs are also recommended by Google - they will be higher in a searching list.

We hope that our short article was interesting and helpful when you are dealing with web design. Website is your signature on the Internet - that is how your clients see you as an entrepreneur. On this base, they will make a decision about possible cooperation or a purchase. This is a major reason why you should be aware of the well-made website's relevance.