A front-end framework for creating quick, scalable, and reliable applications is called NestJs. ExpressJS, the most well-liked HTTP server framework in the Node ecosystem, forms the foundation of NestJs. Expressjs and TypeScript are used to make it simpler to create large-scale apps and microservices fast.

To get a solid foundation structure, NestJs provides out of the box support for TypeScript, Express & the most common libraries.

You can easily create scalable, high-performance online apps using the Nest.js framework, which is built on top of Express and TypeScript. With support for Express & the most popular libraries like Mongoose, Passport, & Hapi out of the box, NestJS leverages Webpack as its module bundler.

The framework's architecture is based on a set of major building blocks that gives you the flexibility and ease-of-use to implement your solution in a way that fits your unique needs.

Nest.js is a modern, enterprise-grade Node.js framework for building fast and scalable APIs. The architecture of the framework is based on a set of major building blocks that gives you the flexibility and ease-of-use to implement your solution in a way that fits your unique needs. The NestJS framework is built on top of express and provides all its features plus some additional ones like:

Configuration via YAML or JavaScript files (configurable!)

Logging with Winston & Papertrail (configurable!)

NestJs makes it easy to create microservices and comes with command line tool that helps you generate skeleton code for projects at the speed of light!

NestJs is a framework for creating TypeScript-based server-side applications. The most popular libraries, like MongoDB or PostgreSQL, as well as TypeScript and Express are all supported right out of the box.
The best aspect is that if you want to launch an app right immediately, you can utilize NestJs as your boilerplate or beginning kit. It's now easier than ever to develop full stack apps or create microservices since when you use nest-cli to start a new project, everything you need is already included! You may create the skeleton code for your project quickly and easily with a few easy keystrokes!


Nest is a full-stack framework, built on top of Express and designed to bring the best parts of Angular 4 and React together. Nest lets you build an application with both REST and GraphQL APIs. It has support for TypeScript, so if you want to write your app in Typescript then it's very easy to get started with nestjs.

The first reason why you should use nestjs is because it is built on top of express which makes it really fast when compared with other frameworks like react + express or angular + express etc., where there are many middlewares that are required for any web app to work properly which increases the complexity of developing apps using these frameworks. In nestjs there are no such middlewares needed since everything required for a simple web application will be included in one single file called `nest`.

I hope this essay has helped you understand why NestJs is a fantastic framework for creating APIs and apps. I advise you to look over their website's documentation or get in touch with one of their developers on Twitter if you're still not sold.