The vast majority of modern instant messengers allow free sending of text, voice and video messages. The oldest form, or text, enjoys the most popularity. The others, however, do not lag behind and still win the hearts of users.

Drinks producer Fanta decided to use the possibilities of communicators and for this purpose, he created a unique application for all fans of the brand. The implementation of the project was undertaken by our team with Smart Mobile House!

The application has a whole series of filters, effects, and soundtracks that can be used to modify the voice. The implementation of the Superpowered voice library and the use of an audio mixer was a new experience for our team. It is worth adding that this type of functionality has few applications. Recorded content can be used not only in conversations but also, for example, in notes, thanks to which they will get a more attractive form.

Sharing your recordings is extremely intuitive and simple. Using the Whatsapp, Messenger and many other messengers, you can invite your friends to play and send them messages. The fun begins at this moment!

The application is available from April for both Android and iOS users, and also allows you to choose one of thirteen countries in the panel including Albania, Macedonia or Romania. Thanks to her traditional conversation take on a whole new dimension of fun.

If you want to check how the application works click here.