Smart Mobile House is excited to announce our newest award: Top App Developer in Krakow! Started in 2012, Smart Mobile House is one of the leading app developers in Europe specializing in mobile and web development and UX/UI. There are so many apps available today, make your app stand out with exceptional UI/UX design.

Clutch is a B2B company listing platform that uses verified client reviews to connect businesses. Clutch analysts use these reviews to authentically rank firms within their industries. Without these reviews, Clutch analysts would not be able to determine market leaders.

In a recent review, the client commented on our work. The Communication Specialist for Polish Humanitarian Action, the client complimented our professionalism and transparency.

When asked to qualify their experience working with us, the client said,

“The Smart Mobile House team is professional, open-minded, and client-oriented. They made sure they understood our needs and used their extensive technical background to meet them.”

If you would like to view another review, take a look below:

You can also find us on The Manifest and Visual Objects for more information about or past projects. The Manifest is a business educational website that features top-performing firms. Visual Objects is a portfolio-focused platform that allows firms to display their creative work.

We would like to thank Clutch for this award. In response to this award, Jerzy Pietruszewski wrote, “It is amazing that you guys are helping companies like ours. Thank you for this!”

If you are interested in creating an enjoyable app experience for your business, contact us today!